Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos
Alexander von Humboldt

Investigación en biodiversidad y servicios ecosistémicos para la toma de decisiones

conexion vital


Integrated valuation of Biodiversity and ecosystem services: conceptual and metholological aspects.

  • Autores: Alexander Rincón Ruiz
  • Editor: Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt.
  • Tema: Integrated Valuation of Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Tipo: Libro
  • Año: 2015
  • ISBN: 978-958-8889-45-0 Digital: 978-958-8889-46-7

The IVBES, part of conceiving the territory as a socioecological system, which not only interested in individual social or ecological components, but are also of great interest in their analysis, the interactions between them.

Additionally, the IVBES process develops previous and posterior elements in this analysis, they becomes as a key tool and input for land management discussions, based on the recognition of the local context, the associated actors and the inclusion of different languages of valuation, understanding of trade- offs and synergies associated with ecosystem services.


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